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What It Takes to Be an Emergency Medical Technician

Working as an emergency medical technician is definitely not for everybody. When the concept of emergency medical services first started, many EMTs were volunteers. These days, however, the field has been, to a great degree, formalized, and EMTs need to undergo extensive training before they are allowed to practice their job. If you are thinking […]

Why Outsource Medical Billing to Us?

Regardless of which part of the medical field you work in, you need to ensure you have an accurate and reliable medical billing software at the heart. As with all businesses, generating payment for services rendered is vital in keeping afloat. Whether your billing is handled internally or outsourced, the choice of software is pivotal […]

Pros and Cons of Using Ambulance Billing Software

In a world that is increasingly being governed by technology, many emergency medical service providers are being lured towards the use of ambulance billing software. There is no doubt that over the past few years, the capabilities of these software have risen dramatically. As a result, EMS companies are relying more and more on them. […]

Good Ambulance Billing Practices

Ambulance billing services may encounter a number of different issues due to the complex and tedious nature of the work they perform. The slightest errors can result in large losses, and so it is important to try to streamline and perfect the process of ambulance bill recoveries. This guide will walk you through three factors […]

The Ambulance Billing Appeals Process

Health insurance schemes rarely cover the entire cost of ambulance bills. One should familiarize themselves with the ambulance billing appeals process since insurance companies reserve the right to either partially or fully deny paying ambulance companies for any of the following reasons: Ambulance is not among the covered services as per the insurance agreement The […]

Medicare coverage of Ambulance Services

Medicare coverage of Ambulance Services aims to be consistent but requires some degree of interpretation and judgement to determine what claim should be submitted for ambulance billing purposes. Medical insurance (Medicare Part B) will cover an ambulance service from or to a hospital, a skilled nursing facility or critical access hospital but only when any […]

Computer Viruses and System Maintenance

Computer viruses and system maintenance have to be an obvious consideration for any business as any business can suffer from the consequences from an attack on their local computer or servers and each business needs to determine the best and most cost effective solution to provide 24/7 protection from the vandals that distribute these harmful […]

Viral Damage

Viral Damage So what exactly do viruses do to a computer system or network? It depends on the aims of the person that has spread the virus in the first instance but we are going to focus mainly on the viruses that effectively cripple a Windows operating system. Once the virus has found it’s way […]

Common forms of computer viruses

Common forms of computer viruses Ambulance Billing Services is going to expand on last weeks blog and delve in to the common types of virus on your desktop or laptop computer where you store all your ambulance billing data. In most cases a virus or malware appears as an exe file (Executable file) and typically […]