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Computer Security Risks

Computer Security Risks As ambulance billing is conducted on computer software, the typical ambulance and fire department is now home to a handful of laptop or desktop computers and most are likely to be connected to the internet for as long as the computer is on. Of course a lot of managers and fire chiefs […]

Health Provision and Insurance

Health Provision and Insurance As covered by ABS Inc last week, the United Kingdom has a very different approach to health care for the masses with an all inclusive service that is free at the point of delivery although private health care has been introduced and has a place in the health system overall. The […]

Health Provision – US versus UK

Health Provision – US versus UK This week, ABS Inc  are looking at the difference in two nations regarding the health service that could not be any bigger, and there is always an on-going debate about the United States system of health provision compared to the National Health Service (NHS) that has been provided to […]

Staff shortages creates errors

Staff shortages creates errors In February this year, a set of circumstances arose to highlight another, if somewhat unusual issue that can be created without effective communication between Ambulance staff and the Ambulance Billing team and highlights potential flaws in businesses that are “closed loops” with third party Ambulance Billing Services such as ABS Inc. […]

How to Prevent Ambulance Billing Fraud Charges

How to Prevent Ambulance Billing Fraud Charges Happy New Year from ABS Inc. to all our readers and we hope the festive season was a peaceful one for you and your families. Moving back to the subject matter of previous weeks then…….Last time we looked at the errors created by utilizing “default” responses to the […]

Inherent Problems of Time Saving Set-ups

Inherent Problems of Time Saving Set-ups This week ABS Inc. are going to continue the overview of procedural and coding issues faced by Fire Chiefs and EMS services in general, all of which typically lead to investigations, prosecutions and hefty fines. While many good software programs exist there are others that are not up to […]

Authorization and Routine Itemized Billing Procedures

Authorization and Routine Itemized Billing Procedures Having covered the basic issues surrounding procedural errors we are going to have a closer look as to why they are happening and if you recognized any of these issues then ABS Inc. believes you need to contact us and discuss your options. Authorization signatures Obtaining authorization appears to […]

Poor procedures lead to fraud investigations

Poor procedures lead to fraud investigations Having touched on the matter of fee schedules and coding errors, this week ABS Inc. will discuss the procedural errors that also create problems for Emergency Medical Services. Procedural errors are the most common error for fire departments and are caused mostly due not being familiar with insurance and […]

Crack the Code

Crack the Code Last week ABS Inc. covered the issue of fee schedules and the initial base rate set up for your business, the impact and pitfalls faced by setting it up incorrectly. This week we are covering coding errors. Insurance companies and Medicare reimburse transportation by ambulance once it has been confirmed the transport […]

The effects on an incorrect base rate

The effects on an incorrect base rate Last week ABS Inc. revealed the most common errors made when submitting your billing. This week we are going to cover the fee schedule errors that give cause for concern and frequently lead to emergency services missing out on reimbursements from Medicare, normally caused by the initial set […]