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Common Billing Errors

In the majority of cases where fraud charges have been filed against emergency medical services and fire departments, the problems are normally traced back to their billing process. Unfortunately in these cases, ignorance of the regulations is not valid in defending a prosecution. In order to avoid the possibility of a fraud investigation, EMS managers […]

The cost of billing fraud

The cost of billing fraud ABS Inc. are going to run a series of blogs starting this week to highlight the importance of getting your billing right – first time, every time. Businesses like ABS Inc specialize in billing services and are in the best position to help you avoid the pit-falls they lay in […]

Need to improve your Ambulance Billing Service?

Need to improve your Ambulance Billing Service? More and more people are becoming increasingly aware of just how much value an EMS Billing Service can offer to their organization. A recent news article (10th October, 2012) described how city officials in Glenn Heights, Dallas has taken on board an external billing service as they looked […]

Don’t take our word for it!

Don’t take our word for it! In recent weeks, ABS Inc. have been telling you why we believe we are the best option to undertake your Ambulance Billing requirements and perhaps you are sitting there thinking along the lines of “Why should I believe you?” If that is the case then perhaps you need to […]

Sky High Costs

Sky High Costs At ABS Inc, our billing services also cover air transport services that are provided by the emergency medical services, a costly service in anyone’s books and even more costly to the provider if they are not able to recover those costs from the patient or insurance provider of the patient. Air ambulance […]

What ABS Inc is all about

What ABS Inc is all about?  ABS Inc – The company We concentrate our professional billing efforts to maximize your collections. We allow for electronic run form submission via scanner or field data capture device. We submit runs daily (rather than weekly) to all payors so you will receive checks more frequently. We electronically image […]

Another joins the fold

Another joins the fold In February this year the Barren-Metcalfe Emergency Medical Services made the decision to go ahead with outsourcing their ambulance billing on a 12 month contract. The service had been considering the possibility of outsourcing for some time and during their discussions with other Emergency Medical Service providers it became evident that […]

Ambulance Billing Services – The best solution

Ambulance Billing Services – The best solution These days it has become a tough challenge to deal with regulatory requirements in the fast and ever changing Healthcare Industry. Outsourcing has become a common practice for many ambulance services across the United States as the time required to manage Medicare changes and HIPAA mandates usually creates […]