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Authorization and Routine Itemized Billing Procedures

Authorization and Routine Itemized Billing Procedures

Having covered the basic issues surrounding procedural errors we are going to have a closer look as to why they are happening and if you recognized any of these issues then ABS Inc. believes you need to contact us and discuss your options.

Authorization signatures

Obtaining authorization appears to be the main issue, with the patient deemed to be in no condition to be able sign the appropriate form by some, and others reluctant to approach the subject as it may seem insensitive under the circumstances. The first scenario is quite feasible in some cases but there can be no excuses to willfully violate Medicare regulations.

There are alternatives methods to obtaining signed authorization.

  • If a parent or legal guardian is present on arrival at hospital, authorization can be sought from them by the transport personnel, although there is no legal obligation for them to sign to form.
  • When send the initial statement, enclose the authorization and once return with a signature, bill the insurance company or Medicare.
  • Request your local hospitals to add the authorization form to their other release and authorization documents.

Routine Billing for services and supplies

Routine itemized billing for services and medical supplies is the next common procedural error. Medicare specifically states only the services and supplies that are actually provided are covered yet it has become apparent that there are still EMS departments that adopt this approach to their billing process, in all probability to make the workload quicker and easier. It is a violation of Medicare regulations to charge for any services and supplies and if you practice routine itemized billing, you will eventually be taken to task by Medicare as they will recognize a pattern when auditing  and a questionable ‘over use’, as far as the claims indicate, of an item or items will act as a red flag.

Don’t take our word for it!

Don’t take our word for it!

In recent weeks, ABS Inc. have been telling you why we believe we are the best option to undertake your Ambulance Billing requirements and perhaps you are sitting there thinking along the lines of “Why should I believe you?” If that is the case then perhaps you need to know what our current clients are saying about us.

From an EMS Director, Tennessee – Client for life

I had to start an EMS agency for my county, whose private provider quit operating overnight. I told the city council that I needed to outsource the billing and collections. I chose ABS, after asking colleagues opinions. The board was skeptical, but today, three years later, my dept. is in the black!! Not just cost neutral, but positive cash flow. Needless to say the board is now convinced, with no reason to change!!

From a Fire Chief, Oregon – Reliable!

We did our billing in house since day one. We have a small Fire Department, so everyone felt that was no big deal. Our billing person left and we had to make a choice. I can’t believe it but ABS almost doubled our cash. They said it was all about follow up on denials. Who knew!! Apparently ABS did. I always wondered what the zero pays were all about. Now I know, and now eventually many get paid. Thank you ABS!!

From a Fire Chief, Colorado – Great company to work with!

ABS has been my billing partner for 9 years.  They were my fourth billing company after I had done my own billing.   Obviously, I have no intention of separating from them.  Yes I may pay a percentage point or two more, but they deliver, and I don’t have to worry.  I constantly recommend them to other departments around the country.

A Private EMS Owner in New Mexico – The right company!

ABS has helped us in ways I don’t believe we could have helped ourselves.  Yes we could learn all of this billing stuff, but the cost would have been too great, and I don’t think I would have survived, financially or mentally!!  They are a great company to work with.  You call, they answer the phone, and someone can help you!

A Private EMS Owner in Texas

When I started my EMS Company, I used a billing company.  Then I took it in house, because I felt I was paying too much. As I grew I could not do it anymore, then I went through two billing companies before I found ABS. They were personable and pleasant to deal with even after I did not choose them the third time. After multiple issues, I found Steve’s card, and four years have now passed without any other incident or issues.  No need to look any further!!  You have found the right company!!

Just a handful of testimonials and praise we receive for our efforts to making your business more profitable and as you can see our net has been cast all of the country. We have made their lives easier and their businesses profitable and we can do the same for you!

Contact us to discuss exactly how we can help you make your billing performance improve. It does not matter who you are or where you are from providing your in the United States and need an Ambulance Billing solution.

What ABS Inc is all about

What ABS Inc is all about?  ABS Inc – The company

We concentrate our professional billing efforts to maximize your collections. We allow for electronic run form submission via scanner or field data capture device. We submit runs daily (rather than weekly) to all payors so you will receive checks more frequently. We electronically image and index all client-submitted documentation to expedite document retrieval and appeals processing. ABS allows clients to run reports and query data online with data as current as the prior business day’s transactions.

ABS staff is current on upcoming ambulance program regulation changes as a member of the American Ambulance Association (AAA), many State Ambulance Associations and many other organizations listed on our Links portion of this web site.

Software used

We use the industry’s leading ambulance billing software, Sweetsoft® Amazon program, on a secure Oracle SQL 2000 Server in conjunction with SentryFile™ file/image processing software. Every program electronically tracks document access for Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Standards compliance. HIPAA compliant code sets for all electronic file transmissions. Our software servers utilize RAID-5 software and hardware ensuring data is maintained on redundant drives, in conjunction with a rigorous file back-up and recovery system. ABS conducts Electronic Archival of all customer data onto Digital Video discs daily, and onto tape weekly.

Proven process

We are an air, ground, and water ambulance billing service provider. We have an active compliance program in place to uphold the most continual patient security, confidentiality and accurate billing practices. Professionally staffed with ambulance billing and appeals specialists, EMTs, and medical professionals, to assist ambulance services just like yours, for, in some cases, much less cost than you are currently paying to do the job in-house. All based on a percentage of net collected revenue. In other words, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid: Period.

We are credited with “saving” companies on the verge of bankruptcy through sound billing practices, attention to detail and persistence. View our client testimonials on the client tab of this web site. We will endeavor to collect on every dollar that is owed to your service, based on your collection protocol.

Contact us and see how we can help you.