Client for life..

I had to start an EMS agency for my county, whose private provider quit operating overnight. I told the city council that I needed to outsource the billing and collections. I chose ABS, after asking colleagues opinions. The board was skeptical, but today, three years later, my dept. is in the black!! Not just cost neutral, but positive cash flow. Needless to say the board is now convinced, with no reason to change!!

Thanks from our Department!

We did our billing in house since day one. We have a small Fire Department, so everyone felt that was no big deal. Our billing person left, and we had to make a choice. I can’t believe it but ABS almost doubled our cash. They said it was all about follow up on denials. Who knew!! Apparently ABS did. I always wondered what the zero pays were all about. Now I know, and now eventually many get paid. Thank you ABS!!

Great company to work with…

ABS has helped us in ways I don’t believe we could have helped ourselves. Yes we could learn all of this billing stuff, but the cost would have been too great, and I don’t think I would have survived, financially or mentally!! They are a great company to work with. You call, they answer the phone, and someone can help you!


ABS has been my billing partner for 9 years. They were my fourth billing company after I had done my own billing. Obviously, I have no intention of separating from them. Yes I may pay a percentage point or two more, but they deliver, and I don’t have to worry. I constantly recommend them to other departments around the country.

The right company!

When I started my EMS company, I used a billing company. Then I took it in house, because I felt I was paying too much. As I grew I couldn’t do it anymore, then I went through two billing companies before I found ABS. They were personable and pleasant to deal with even after I did not choose them the third time. After multiple issues, I found Steve’s card, and four years have now passed without any other incident or issues. No need to look any further!! You have found the right company!!

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