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Ambulance Billing Services – The best solution

Ambulance Billing Services – The best solution

These days it has become a tough challenge to deal with regulatory requirements in the fast and ever changing Healthcare Industry. Outsourcing has become a common practice for many ambulance services across the United States as the time required to manage Medicare changes and HIPAA mandates usually creates a loss of revenue. Some services have kept in-house billing but are normally faced with having to use more than one system and have higher costs to operate and manage.

Many Ambulance services and Fire Services now agree there is a cost effective solution that works for them, by outsourcing, and allows them to focus on their core activities – getting ambulances and fire engines to the people and places that need them, treatment for patients, fleet management and regulation compliancy etc.

If outsourcing of your Ambulance Billing or Fire Service Billing is something you are considering then look no further. Ambulance Billing Systems, Inc. is the right choice for your air/ground ambulance service.

ABS use the industry’s leading ambulance billing software, Sweetsoft® Amazon program, on a secure Oracle SQL 2000 Server in conjunction with SentryFile™ file/image processing software. Every program electronically tracks document access for Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Standards compliance. HIPAA compliant code sets for all electronic file transmissions. Our software servers utilize RAID-5 software and hardware ensuring data is maintained on redundant drives, in conjunction with a rigorous file back-up and recovery system. ABS conducts Electronic Archival of all customer data onto Digital Video discs daily, and onto tape weekly.

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