Another joins the fold

Another joins the fold

In February this year the Barren-Metcalfe Emergency Medical Services made the decision to go ahead with outsourcing their ambulance billing on a 12 month contract. The service had been considering the possibility of outsourcing for some time and during their discussions with other Emergency Medical Service providers it became evident that most others had already adopted outsourcing as their way forward for the billing side of the service.

It was also confirmed, in all cases, that there was an immediate increase in monies collected, highlighting that providers such as ABS make a difference. An Emergency Medical Services director stated that the company awarded with the contract would be able to collect enough revenue to offset costs. Certain guarantees formed part of the contract, so no revenue was actually lost by Barren-Metcalfe, as a safety net, though it is firmly believed that they would not need to fall back on such a clause.

The decision to outsource was following the departure of one of their employees about 9 months earlier. The loss of just one employee, for whatever reason indicates the fine balancing act the Emergency Medical Services go through to ensure a smooth and efficient running service in conjunction with employee issues.

Companies like ABS will erase any such concerns so the services can get on with their primary role of attending call outs. This aspect of outsourcing cannot be stressed enough. Human resources can be a costly exercise in both time and finances, remove that burden and it becomes instantly noticeable who much more time and effort can be put in to the activities that “really” matter.

If you are one of the EMS providers that still have in-house billing, contact ABS today to discover what the benefits of outsourcing are, this will be a decision you will not regret as ABS are here to make your life easier and allowing you to free up time to do what you do best.