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Sky High Costs

Sky High Costs

At ABS Inc, our billing services also cover air transport services that are provided by the emergency medical services, a costly service in anyone’s books and even more costly to the provider if they are not able to recover those costs from the patient or insurance provider of the patient.

Air ambulance services operate in the most humane way of course by performing the air lift, rescue and delivery to the nearest hospital but do not take in to account the ability of the patient to pay for the service. We are not saying it is wrong to take this course of action as the importance saving of just one person cannot be understated but it can mean a good slice of income is lost and never recovered in some cases as the cost of recovery can make it less viable to pursue.

In the United States, it is believed that some 550,000 people are flown by helicopter or small aircraft to hospitals following serious car crashes, heart attacks and hiking accidents but very few of them realize the cost of transportation is going to be anything in excess of $9,000 depending on the distance of the journey. In some cases, the patient has adequate insurance cover to meet the cost but in many cases, that seems to be on the increase, they are not.

Can you afford to lose out on this kind of revenue each time a patient cannot find the funds for the service? Perhaps the answer is yes (though highly unlikely) but how about if you could find an outside party that is capable of recovering this money, or at least a good portion of it, on your behalf, would you be interested

Come and talk with us, we are experts in the billing service industry and work closely with insurance companies and the courts to recover costs that have not been made by patients.