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Computer Viruses and System Maintenance

Computer viruses and system maintenance have to be an obvious consideration for any business as any business can suffer from the consequences from an attack on their local computer or servers and each business needs to determine the best and most cost effective solution to provide 24/7 protection from the vandals that distribute these harmful emails and files.

Companies such as MacAfee and Norton offer a range of packages that are renewable annually and on the whole are pretty good at preventing “known” viruses and malware from accessing the system but they also throw up a couple of other issues that are cannot always be considered helpful to other applications that you may use from day to day and can, for the average user, not be straight forward to reconfigure to allow the system to function properly. Employing a dedicated IT employee (or two, allowing for holidays, sickness and other unforeseen eventualities) to maintain computers or a network is an expensive solution but for a business that is accountable to the likes of Medicare, is essential so as to ensure the data is not corrupted and submitted claims will be accepted and correct.

In the case of ambulance and fire departments there is a better solution that will take care of both your ambulance billing services and fully protect the data so that all claims made are accurate. Businesses such as ABS Inc. have dedicated servers with equally dedicated network staff that are responsible for the maintenance of the servers and individual computers that are operatives use, and the cost to you is then significantly reduced for both aspects – ambulance billing and network maintenance.

If it is a risk you are prepared to continue taking then that is of course your choice but why not contact us and discuss what we can provide you with and how much time, effort and cost we can save you.